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Human resources professionals create value to businesses of all sizes.  They offer advice on the people aspects of the organization, such as recruitment and retention, health and safety, workplace conflict, performance management, compensation, benefits and professional development.  Many business owners are surprised to learn that HR professionals can also provide support with legislative compliance – workplace harassment, employment standards, accommodation, terminations, Ministry of Labour visits – at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. 

Wiser Workplaces is also recognized as a leader in workplace investigations and assessments and safe sport.

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Scalable HR Services

If you don't have your own HR expert, you can own as much of an HR team as you need to help you with all people aspects of your business. Wiser Workplaces can also reinforce your HR team with surge capacity and HR projects.  

Workplace Investigations and Assessments

Wiser Workplaces has been conducting high-quality  investigations related to workplace violence, harassment, discrimination and other misconduct for over a decade. 

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Training and Workshops

Employers of all sizes have benefited from Wiser Workplace's interactive workshops  on a variety of current workplace topics, such as communication, leadership and diversity.

Safe Sport

Safe sport is an initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sport. We have been providing safe sport services since 2013.

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