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Scalable Human Resources
  • Do you need help in hiring new staff?

  • Do you have an employee that has problems with attendance or performance?

  • Do you need support downsizing or letting go of an employee who isn't working out?

  • Are you curious on how professional HR can take your business to the next level?

  • Do you want to invest in your supervisors and managers so that they can better lead their teams?

  • Do you need some HR infrastructure, such as a policy manual, a performance review process or a salary structure, to support your growing organization?

  • Do you want to better motivate and inspire your current staff?

  • Do you want an outside expert to assess whether you are compliant with health and safety and employment laws? 

  • Have you received a formal or informal complaint about harassment, discrimination or bullying?

  • Are some individuals or groups not working well together?

  • Has the Ministry of Labour visited your workplace?

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If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, or you have other HR needs, then Wiser Workplaces can help.

Wiser Workplaces let's you choose the amount of HR services that you need, without any expensive retainer or high-pressure sales.  Your initial consultation is free.

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