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Workplace Investigations and Assessments

More and more employers recognize that they are legally required to conduct an investigation once they learn about potential workplace harassment, sexual harassment, or discrimination in their workplace.  Sometimes employers need an objective trained outsider to look into employee misconduct or to explore why a team isn't working well together.  

In 2011, Lise Maclean was certified as a Workplace Investigator through the Human Resources Professional Association and Osgoode Hall.  Since then, she has conducted over 120 workplace investigations, assessments and audits in a large variety of unionized and non-unionzed work environments.  She completed additional investigation training through Rubin Thomlinson, Emond Harnden, the Association of Workplace Investigators, the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada and others. Lise is bound by the professional and ethical standards of the Human Resources Professional Association

As an HR professional, she combines superior analytical skills, relevant work experience and procedural rigour to produce a thorough, legally-defensible investigation report at a cost that is significantly lower than if you retained a lawyer.

In addition, Lise recognizes the stress and inconvenience of the unresolved conflicts in the workplace.  She supports you with pre-investigation advice and focused her attention to complete the investigation report as rapidly as possible, balancing procedural fairness.  She also offers post-investigation services such as workplace restoration and one-on-one sensitivity training so that you can get your organization back on the right track.



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